Lights Out, What Now?


Lights Out, What Now?

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Power outages are beyond normal in Istanbul, especially in the Cihangir neighborhood. Small buildings, especially in local neighborhoods are not permitted the installation of generators because of noise disturbance to neighbors.

There is a flash light in all of our apartments, these can be found in the entrance cupboard.

The buildings facing our building, are connected to a different “mahalle” neighborhood for turkish, therefore, our buildings are independent from each other. Most likely all of Cukurcuma Caddesi ( the one with all of the antique shops) will have an electrical outage too as they are tied to the same “mahalle.”

When the lights go out this is most likely because of some emergency repair in the neighborhood, therefore please remain calm and do not get frustrated. The electricity will come back once it is restored. You may contact us so that we can contact the company responsible for this (government-owned) to file a complaint and get more information on when the lights will be back on.

Please note that when this occurs it has nothing to do with our building and is outside of our control entirely.

Thank you for your understanding!